At long last, Adrienne marries the love of her life in this wedding themed episode of 9-1-1.


At long last, Adrienne marries the love of her life in this wedding themed episode of 9-1-1.


Adrienne plays Mickey Bolitar’s grandmother, which makes her Myron Bolitar’s mom, and since Myron Bolitar is one of her all time favorite characters in Harlan Coben’s 35 plus novels, she’s really happy to be playing Ellen Bolitar!


When a drugged-out duo attempts to rob an antique store, they realize the older woman running the shop isn’t as defenseless as she seems.   Guess who plays the older woman.

American Horror Story

Abandoning her heroine roles, Adrienne guest stars on the third episode of American horror stories. Aptly titled Scared.

Early Retirement

Adrienne won a Best Supporting Actress Award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for her role in this touching story of a family negotiating their relationships.

Cowboy Be-Bop

Adrienne plays Maria Murdoch in the Netflix series based on the popular Japanese anime. She’s definitely not a loving mother.

A.J. and The Queen

I really like this role.  And I loved working with RuPaul on the third episode of his series.

The Eagle and the Albatross

A one of a kind golf comedy starring Dan Lauria and K-Pop star Amber Liu.  Featuring one of Adrienne’s favorite bedroom scenes.


The horrors of fracking:  from deep beneath the earth’s surface, something long dormant and terrifying is released.

Curious George: Go West, Go Wild

This one is for my great nieces and great nephew.  Voicing Ginny’s Mom.  George and Ted  travel to cousin Ginny’s farm for a relaxing outdoor weekend, which turns out to be anything but relaxing!

Swamp Thing

Following in the footsteps of films she starred in in the 80s, Adrienne appeared as Dr. Palomar in the 2019 series Swamp Thing.


I’m grateful I was asked to appear in the first episode of the series based on the iconic movie; again with a script based on the words of the great Stephen King. It was a delight for her to be directed by Greg Nicotero and to join Tobin Bell and Giancarlo Esposito in Grey Matter.

Little Willy

This was a fun one to do – with Zach Galligan and director Andrew Bowser. A former child actor, known for the 1980s horror film “Little Willy,” has a mental breakdown in his mid-30s while attending a horror convention.


This is the third film Adrienne has done with director Justin Lee. Bruce Dern rounds out the cast with Tony Todd, Billy Zane, Courtney Gains, John Kassir, Meg Foster, and Ed Morrone.

The World to Come

Adrienne voices Queen Ghenna of House Zythrion in episode 11 of this podcast set in a post-apocalyptic world. The series was created by Rachel Klein, Andy Peterson, and Erik Ransom, and was produced by David Treatment Creative and Iconoclast Theatre Collective.

Apple Seed

Once again Adrienne joins actor/director Michael Worth, and actor Rance Howard in his last film appearance.  It’s a cross country road trip for an ex-convict hitchhiker and a would-be bank robber on their way to the little town of Apple Seed.  Along the way, the people they meet and friendships they build begin to heal the ghosts of their pasts.

The Chain

Thirty-five years after Swamp Thing, Adrienne is once again playing opposite her dear friend Ray Wise. The Chain is a psychological thriller you won’t want to miss.  Starring John Patrick Amedori and Madeline Zima.

She Kills: A Shudder Original Podcast

Adrienne is the host of She Kills: A Shudder original podcast that explores horror from the female point of view. Enjoy conversations with Karyn Kusama, Dee Wallace, Jennifer Tilly, Illeana Douglas, Polyanna McIntosh, Barbara Crampton, Emily Deschanel, and more.

Fallout 76

Adrienne is the voice of The Overseer in this best selling video game.


Adrienne appears with Corbin Bernsen in this beautiful film starring Summer Spiro and Gabrielle Stone.

Big Legend

An ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth about his fiancee’s disappearance.


The truth…can kill.  Adrienne had a great time working with her favorite chimpanzee.  (Well, truth be told, the only chimpanzee she’s worked with, but yes, he’s her favorite.)

For The Love of Jessee

Doctor Erik Matthew’s world comes crashing down when he loses the love of his life and becomes a father in the same night. Adrienne plays his controlling mother in this family drama. Streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast On Demand and elsewhere where streaming is available.

Death House

Featuring the “expendables of horror,” the voice Adrienne used to such advantage in The Fog is back again in this terrifying thriller, with a release date of January 26, 2018.


Adrienne spent 2015 and part of 2016 playing Berthe, Pippin’s grandmother, in the National Tour of Pippin. Singing her sang while she hung upside down from a trapeze 18′ in the air. She had a great time, as you can see!

Sons of Anarchy

If you missed the Sweet and Vaded episode in season six, you missed one of Adrienne’s vilest portrayals.

Beyond the Edge

Released in Europe as ISRA 88, Beyond the Edge had  its US release February 2017. Adrienne co-stars with Casper Van Dien and Sean Maher.

Mad Max

Adrienne is the voice of Pink Eye in this action-adventure video game based on the movie of the same name.



Adrienne appears as Alan Arkin’s ex-wife in Ben Affleck’s Academy Award winning ARGO.


Ruthie, the snake dancer, is one of Adrienne’s favorite roles. Both seasons of this remarkable depression-era series from HBO are available on DVD.


Adrienne played Madeleine Stowe’s mother, Marion Harper, on this hit series from ABC.


Alice Jacobs Is Dead

Starring as Alice Jacobs, this was Adrienne’s first foray into the world of zombies. The film is the winner of the San Diego Comic Con 2009 Best Horror/Suspense Film and garnered Adrienne a Best Actress Award at the Chicago Horror Film Festival 2010.

Adrienne wins Best Actress Award

Adrienne wins Best Actress award at the Cryptshow Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain, for her performance in Alice Jacobs is Dead.

General Hospital

In 2012, Adrienne spent nine months guest-starring on General Hospital – her first roll in “daytime” – playing Suzanne Stanwyck,  director of an international children’s charity.

God of War III and God of War: Ascension

Adrienne is the voice of  Hera in God of War III and Alethia in God of War: Ascension.


The first season of this 1970s hit comedy series starring Bea Arthur is available on DVD and all six seasons are available as a boxed set. Adrienne played Maude’s daughter, Carol.

The Drew Carey Show

Adrienne played Oswald’s mom, Kim Harvey, on this hit series from ABC.


Reach For Me

Adrienne co-stars with Seymour Cassell and Alfre Woodard in this comedy/drama which won Best Feature and Best of Festival at the  Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, and the  Audience Choice Award at the San Diego Film Festival.

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment

Adrienne portrays Dr. Leticia Peplau in a re-enactment of the Proposition 8 trial (California; January, 2010). Camera’s were banned from the courtroom and therefore producers John Ireland and John Ainsworth organized a cast to publicize the event.

Scoobie Doo on Zombie Island

That’s Adrienne as the voice of Miss Simone in this  animated comedy horror film featuring Scoobie and the gang.


Grey’s Anatomy

Adrienne guest starred as a mother who is torn between saving her life or taking care of her schizophrenic son.


Adrienne guest starred as a former flame of Harry Morgan on this Showtime series about a family man who kills people.



Winner of The Indie Fest Award of Merit, Complacent is currently available on iTunes and  Netflix. This is a beautifully directed drama with strong, moving performances from the entire cast.

Batman, Arkham Asylum

Adrienne can be heard as the Arkham voice and the voice of Dr. Gretchen Whistler on this popular video game.

Batman, The Animated Series

Available on DVD; Adrienne is the voice of Catwoman.

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